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Hello hello! I'm Alex.


My own story involves a transition from maths-anxious to maths-passionate.


That transformation started on a visit into a school where maths was treated and experienced very differently to anything I'd seen before.

I've specialised in maths education since.

Broad Mission

I've long been working to transform the typical learning experience to better activate and embed...

Autonomy, Creativity, Relevance
Local and Global Citizenship.

What I've learned most recently is....

Better understanding PLAY,
and leveraging PLAY, is key.
What I do:

I conduct education research, development and consulting in the areas listed above.  

I also collaborate with outstanding educators on projects that help to: 

  • demonstrate learning through play and playful means - the what, why and how

  • transform damaging perceptions about learning (especially about learning maths)

  • reach a healthy balance of 'maths play' at school and in life 

Current work:
Previous work:
About: About
Key learning along the way 
San Diego, U.S.A

Visiting the High Tech High Elementary schools,

Photo 26-9-17, 10 26 01 am.jpg
Photo 27-9-17, 11 45 10 am.jpg

...discovering 'new' maths pedagogies, by chance... 

Photo 26-9-17, 4 13 11 pm.jpg
Photo 26-9-17, 4 07 56 pm.jpg
n talks _edited.jpg
Kibera, Kenya

Spending time, and learning about life in Kibera 


Working with local educators to facilitate a playful maths morning


Facilitating collaboration among local professionals who mentor students living and attending school in Kibera


Being involved in a learning community project called Our Shared Story.

This was co-created and run 100% remotely - a good way to spend time in 2020!

our shared story.jpeg

Helping to get Maths Teacher Circles up and running remotely.

Another good way to pass time in repeated lockdown. 

mtc oct.jpeg

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