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The experiences that shaped these 4 female independent MPs

Back in June, I read an opinion piece presenting the potential benefits of an all-girls education.

It opened by pointing out that 5 of the 8 recently elected female independent MPs attended all-girls schools. This was particularly note-worthy given that 'girls’ schools make up just 2 per cent of schools in Australia'.

I couldn't help but wonder - what would the individuals being referred to, these female leaders, attribute to their ability to lead? Would they credit their schooling specifically? Or something else? If it was their schooling, what about it specifically was influential?

And on the other hand, what about the 3 out of 8 who didn't attend all girls schools? What is it about their stories that led them into political leadership?

So I asked them. Here are the highlights of this research piece, written for Women's Agenda.

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