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Joys in a notice & wonder ritual

It was 2018 when I first discovered the power of presenting a carefully chosen visual and asking: What do you notice? What do you wonder? to engage and include all learners in mathematical thinking and discussion.

One thing I love about using this question pair is the potential for surprise. Each learner contributes their own, unique ideas which help to shape a rich and unique discussion. It's a wonderful way to make connections - both social and mathematical, and to celebrate the diversity in a group.

As we celebrate this year's International Day of Maths theme in March, Maths for everyone, it feels important to recognise and share the joys of a notice and wonder ritual.

Maths Play Mingle

The Maths Play Project officially launches on Tuesday 7 March. And we are running two, online launch parties to celebrate. I'm excited to host these two, interactive and playful sessions featuring maths education specialists - Dr Ange Rogers and Marissa Cashmore.

Typically at parties, there are opportunities to mingle. What better way to start a 'maths play party' than meeting and mingling over a maths-rich visual?

Tuesday's Mingle

Here's a photo I took on a walk when visiting my cousin in Newcastle, Australia. It's the first artefact we'll mingle over at Tuesday's event.

What do you notice about it? What do you wonder?

On the day, we'll warm up our maths play brains by chatting about it in small groups. We'll then return to the main room to share some thoughts. 🥳

Here are some considerations:

  • There is no one 'correct' or superior answer and all ideas are a valued part of the discussion.

  • Everyone is welcome to look for or come up with more than one idea in response to the questions asked.

  • This activity is ideal for practising curiosity about different perspectives and see how our unique mathematical histories can come together to shape playful learning conversations.

Thursday's Mingle

Here's another visual. This will be the first artefact we mingle over at Thursday's event.

What do you notice about it? What do you wonder?

If you feel like joining us for one of these playful afternoons, pop along and help us celebrate Maths for everyone and the official launch of Maths Play, simply register before 5 PM AEDT the day prior. Each 1-hour e


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