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#MathsConfOnline, 23 Jan 2023

Using maths talks to build number sense across the years

Maths talks are 3-15 minute purposefully crafted collaborative conversations that create authentic opportunities for mathematical thinking. This session is an introductory focus on maths talks - what they are, why they're important and how they can help to transform the maths learning experience for students, and the teaching experience of teachers! 

This session will explore three different kinds of maths talk, clarify their purpose and provide resources and ideas for classroom implementation. The pedagogical ideas will be appropriate for teachers who want to foster mathematical proficiency and help bust commonly-held and damaging myths about maths.


Conference session slides (link)

The Maths Play Project (link)


Notice & Wonder

Creative Maths Prompts (link)

Data Talks (link)

Article: Notice & Wonder 3 Key Uses in Maths (link)


Compare & Contrast

Same But Different website (link)

Same Or Different website (link)

Prompts featuring coins (link)

Which one doesn't belong?

WODB? (link)

Visuals from Simon Gregg (link)

Article: Connecting maths and people through WODB (link)


Number Talks

Watch number talks in action (link)

Dot prompts (link)

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