About Me

Broad Mission

I've long been interested in transforming the school experience to better serve...

...human capacity.
By elevating teaching of creativity, by releasing responsibility to learners for a deep sense of ownership and a focus on learning how to learn.

...human need (individual). Social connection and belonging, purpose / relevance in our learning, the conditions and opportunities for human creativity to flourish, opportunities to discovering what we love, our strengths and areas for growth that are relevant for us as individuals. Autonomy.

...human need (collective). A community focus, shared responsibility - making a positive difference for ourselves, for each other and our local / global communities, through learning.

What does this currently look like?
1. Establishing Maths Teacher Circles - experiential and collaborative maths learning events that bring together educators of all teaching levels, mathematicians and other maths lovers together to do maths and talk teaching.

2. Research & Development and Consulting on key areas:
- Number Talks
- Growth Mindset Mathematics
- Authentic & Integrated Learning